Pure Essential Oil Blends

Pure Essential Oil Blends

Our pure essential oil blends are uniquely made to fit into your lifestyle.

An essential oil blend is a mix of different pure essential oils to make a new blend. Blending essential oils allows you to experience a range of different oils expertly blended into one blend. 

It's like making a delicious cocktail. A dash of this. A touch of that and voila - something new and exciting! 

Our essential oil blends are original to us and are made with pure 100% essential oils. No fillers. No synthetics. No nasties. 

They are safe to use in your diffuser or oil burner.

Or add a carrier oil and create your own body oil.

The uses are endless! 



Quick View A Festive Dream Essential Oil Blend

A Festive Dream Essential Oil Blend

Celebrate the festive season with a clear, uplifting and cooling essential oil blend inspired by fresh myrtle, refreshing tea tree and warm Australian summers.  It's a perfect blend of sweet and fresh essential oils. I've blended this with an...
Quick View Be Still My Heart Essential Oil Blend

Be Still, My Heart Essential Oil Blend

Let it all go. Seek peace and pursue it. Whisper to your heart ‘be still’ and embrace the promise of a new day. Living a fast paced lifestyle has consequences including stress, nervous fatigue, poor mental health, headaches, depression and...
Quick View Calm Balance Lifestyle Essential Oil Blend

Calm Balance Essential Oil Blend

You make better decisions when you are calm.  Our Calm Balance blend is a grounding, floral blend to restore calm and support recovery from anxiety and stress related conditions. SCENT PROFILE: A herbal, earthy, floral blend. WHAT’S IN THIS...
Quick View Clean Air Essential Oil Blend

Clean Air Essential Oil Blend

Take a deep breath of Clean Air with our fresh and energising blend of tea tree, lemon and eucalyptus essential oils. I almost christened this blend – Australiana because on first inspection it smells like walking through a lush, crisp, national...
Quick View Dancing in the rain essential oil blend

Dancing In The Rain Essential Oil Blend

Nothing compares to the fresh sweetness of rain after a hot, dry spell.  Remember that iconic image of farmer dancing in the rain after a long, devastating drought? The refreshing rain bought joy and relief to so many communities and people -...
Quick View Essential Oil Blend Bundle

Essential Oil Blend Bundle

If you love our original essential oil blends (also known as Lifestyle Blends) - you'll love this bundle.  For a limited time, you can choose any TWO (2) of our original essential oil blends for the bundle price of $49.95 Our essential...
Quick View Fresh Flowers Essential Oil Blend

Fresh Flowers Essential Oil Blend

Aroma Burner Oils by Fleurette Aromatherapy - Fresh Flowers Lifestyle Blend If you LOVE flowers as much as we do - we think you'll love this blend. It's like sticking your head into a glorious, fresh, floral bouquet (without the hayfever and strange...
Quick View It's going to be OK Essential Oil Blend

It's Going To Be Ok Essential Oil Blend

It IS going to be ok. You are stronger than you know. This essential oil blend is an effective grounding and soothing blend to help you calm racing thoughts, find a moment to reassure yourself and turn overwhelm into peace. SCENT PROFILE: I blended...
Quick View Peace & Quiet Essential Oil Blend

Peace & Quiet Essential Oil Blend

Take a deep breath – and let the weight of the world fall off your shoulders. Relax, unwind and recover with our Peace & Quiet blend of lavender, chamomile and vetiver pure essential oils. It’s a calming, almost sedative, balancing and...
Quick View Revive & Restore Essential Oil Blend

Revive & Restore Essential Oil Blend

It’s a new day! Now is the time to revive and be restored.  Cut through the stresses of your day and energise your senses with our fresh, uplifting blend of Australian lemon myrtle, grapefruit and rosemary essential oils. It’s a...
Quick View Sunshine Burst Essential Oil Blend

Sunshine Burst Essential Oil Blend

Here comes the sun! Put a refreshing burst of sunshine into your home with our Sunshine Burst essential oil blend. Made with an uplifting blend of lemon myrtle with sweet Australian orange essential oil this blend will help to support recovery from...
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