Massage & Body Oil

Massage & Body Oil

Quick View Calm Balance Massage and Body Oil

Calm Balance Massage & Body Oil

  Our Calm Balance blend is a calming, balancing and comforting massage and body oil to support recovery from symptoms associated with fatigue, sleeplessness, hot flushes and menstrual cramps.  SCENT PROFILE: A deep, flowery, grounding blend...
Quick View Clean Air Massage & Body Oil

Clean Air Massage & Body Oil

  Are you looking for relief from sinusitis, bronchitis or symptoms of colds and flu? Are you tired of living with muscular aches, pains and sprains? Include our Clean Air Body & Massage Oil in your recovery kit to help you feel fit and whole...
Quick View Peace and Quiet Body and Massage Oil

Peace & Quiet Massage & Body Oil

Tired of being tired? Frustrated with lack of quality sleep? Need to relax? Take a deep breath – and let the weight of the world fall off your shoulders. Relax, unwind and recover with our Peace & Quiet blend of lavender and chamomile pure...
Quick View Revive & Restore Massage and Body Oil

Revive & Restore Massage & Body Oil

Revive – to give new strength or energy to. Feel refreshed and renewed with our uplifting blend uniting stimulating essential oils in a nourishing Sweet Almond base to create an energising and refreshing massage and body oil. SCENT PROFILE: A...
Quick View Be Still My Heart Body and Massage Oil

Stress Buster Massage & Body Oil

Our Stress Buster blend is an intense, powerful combination of grounding and calming oils to support recovery from anxiety and calm your emotions. SCENT PROFILE: A warm, herbaceous, floral earthy scent with a bold, fresh, citrus finish. It has a high...
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