Essential Oil Blend Bundle

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If you love our original essential oil blends (also known as Lifestyle Blends) - you'll love this bundle. 

For a limited time, you can choose any TWO (2) of our original essential oil blends for the bundle price of $49.95

Our essential oil blends are available in the following expressions:

  • NEW It's Going To Be Ok / an effective grounding and soothing blend to help you calm racing thoughts,
  • Surrounded By Love / beautiful, warm and uplifting blend of Neroli, Chamomile, Rose and Vetiver to assist with recovery from anxiety and tension related conditions and promote feelings of calm and control.  
  • Peace & Quiet (purple) / relaxing lavender, quiet chamomile, soothing ylang ylang perfect for sleep
  • Calm Balance (red) / soothing rose, quiet chamomile, balancing geranium excellent for calming nervous tension
  • Revive & Restore (green) / refreshing rosemary, fresh lemon myrtle
  • Be Still, My Heart(orange) / grounding and uplifting bergamot, melissa, frankincense and clary sage 
  • Clean Air (teal) / refreshing, cleansing with lemon, tea tree and eucalyptus 
  • Sunshine Burst / a welcome burst of lemon myrtle and sweet orange
  • Fresh Flowers / beautiful bouquet of lavender and geranium
  • Dancing in the rain / an uplifting release of pine, grapefruit and rosemary essential oils with a hint of calm ylang ylang to embrace and celebrate a new beginning. 

HOW TO ORDER: Copy and paste or type the THREE essential oils blends you would like included in your bundle into the text box above then select add to cart.

SAFETY FIRST: If you have any allergies please read the product label carefully. Please discontinue if irritation occurs.

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