Surround yourself with nature’s pure and simple home fragrance products.

We have a wide range of aromatic oil and candle burners, burner oils, pot pourri and room mists.

Enjoy a clean and fresh smelling home every day with a room mist or pot pourri, or burn our aromatic, unique blended oils after a long day to alleviate the stresses of modern living or just for pure indulgence!

Quick View Fleurette Aromatherapy All is Calm Collection

All Is Calm Collection

Staying calm is a super power.  We all make better decisions when we are calm. Our All is Calm collection is your invitation to find a quiet space, rest your mind and calm your thoughts.   This collection includes:   Beautiful...
Quick View It's going to be OK Essential Oil Blend

It's Going To Be Ok Essential Oil Blend

It IS going to be ok. You are stronger than you know. This essential oil blend is an effective grounding and soothing blend to help you calm racing thoughts, find a moment to reassure yourself and turn overwhelm into peace. SCENT PROFILE: I blended...
Quick View Room Mist Refill 250ml

Room Mist Refill

  INTRODUCING our new REFILL room mist range now available in 250ml.  If you love our room mists - you'll love this option to always have your favourite room mist on hand.  Our REFILL room mists are available in the following...
Quick View Dancing in the rain essential oil blend

Dancing In The Rain Essential Oil Blend

Nothing compares to the fresh sweetness of rain after a hot, dry spell.  Remember that iconic image of farmer dancing in the rain after a long, devastating drought? The refreshing rain bought joy and relief to so many communities and people -...
Quick View A Festive Dream Essential Oil Blend

A Festive Dream Essential Oil Blend

Celebrate the festive season with a clear, uplifting and cooling essential oil blend inspired by fresh myrtle, refreshing tea tree and warm Australian summers.  It's a perfect blend of sweet and fresh essential oils. I've blended this with an...
Quick View Pulse Point Oil Purse

Pulse Point Oil Purse

Tired of losing your Fleurette pulse points in the bottom of your handbag?   Introducing our NEW handmade pulse point oil purses made with sustainably sourced cotton.   Our new Pulse Point purses can fit up to 3 Fleurette pulse...
Quick View Fleurette Cotton Tote Bag

Cotton Tote Bag

Introducing our NEW handmade tote bags made with sustainably sourced cotton. They are the perfect size for all your Fleurette essentials for moments of quiet and reflection. Put your next Fleurette gift in a sustainable tote bag – it’s a...
Quick View Green Flowers Eye Pillow

Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Find a quiet space. Rest your mind. Calm your thoughts with our luxe aromatic Aromatherapy Eye Pillow. Cover your eyes with an eye pillow and take a little break. Our new unscented eye pillows are made with organic flax seed (also known as linseed)...
Quick View Sunshine Burst Essential Oil Blend

Sunshine Burst Essential Oil Blend

Here comes the sun! Put a refreshing burst of sunshine into your home with our Sunshine Burst essential oil blend. Made with an uplifting blend of lemon myrtle with sweet Australian orange essential oil this blend will help to support recovery from...
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