Learning to love closed doors

I hate losing.

I am sure I am not the only one.

When the situation or person you are hoping for doesn’t come through – and you are left with disappointment and frustration.

Can you relate?

Closed doors can come in the form of the end of a contract, the end of a job you love, the end of a relationship you believed in or the end of a dream you worked so hard for.

Closed doors suck!

But they are also the gateway to new beginnings.

After I was told that I would be facing a closed door, I sucked on lemons for a while and allowed frustration and confusion to reign in my head.

Until I stopped and allowed myself to look back at all the situations where doors have been closed – and in all honesty - thank goodness some of those doors closed!

Closed doors are a signal to move in a different direction.

Closed doors are the manure for a better harvest.

So, if you’re on the receiving end of a closed door at this moment in your life – have the courage and heart to celebrate with those who are celebrating – because before you know it – it will be your turn to celebrate a corner turned and the start of a new beginning.