Herbal Bath Tea Bags

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Luxe Aromatic Organic Herbal Bath Tea Bags
each box contains 2 recyclable bags


Our Organic Herbal Bath Tea Bags luxe soak will help you create an unforgettable and relaxing soak time.

Made with pure essential oils, organic herbs, grounded oats and pure epsom salts. 


They are available in:

Peace & Quiet - Create a warm, floral and calming soak time with pure essential oils of lavender, chamomile and organic herbs of passionflower, chamomile and lavender.

Calm Balance - Calm your senses and enjoy a warm, comforting bath with regulating geranium rose and soothing wild chamomile and organic herbs of fennel, hibiscus, raspberry leaf, vanilla and rose.

Revive & Restore - Be refreshed and revitalised with our fresh, invigorating bath soak made with tea tree, rosemary, lavender pure essential oils with organic herbs of lemongrass, peppermint, lemon myrtle. 



  • Place one bath bag under running water and allow the herbs and salts to mix with warm water.
  • Ensure salts and bath water are mixed thoroughly before stepping into bath.
  • Enjoy! 


The bag and its contents are compostable.