Fleurette Mystery Gift Box (Large)

Fleurette Aromatherapy
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When was the last time you received a pleasant surprise?

A Fleurette Mystery gift box is the self-care gift you need to send yourself or a friend. 

And it’s available for great value. For $80, you will receive a minimum of $150 worth of Fleurette wellness essentials.


What’s inside?
Each Mystery gift box will include Fleurette favourites and products from some of our favourite brands! 


Can I choose what goes inside my Fleurette gift box?
Yes and no.

You can choose the scent of the products – however, the actual products included in your gift box are a surprise.
For example, if you like our Peace & Quiet range – then select Peace & Quiet and we will make sure only Peace & Quiet products are added to your Mystery gift box.


Which Fleurette scents can I choose from?
All our scents are made from 100% pure essential oils.

Please select from the following:

  • Peace & Quiet - relaxing lavender, quiet chamomile, soothing ylang ylang. Excellent for calming, relaxing. May assist with sleep and stress related conditions.
  • Calm Balance - soothing rose, quiet chamomile, balancing geranium. Effective for premenstrual syndrome / premenstrual tension. Excellent to help regulate mood swings, hot flushes and emotional imbalance. Use if you need assistance to feel calm and grounded.
  • Revive & Restore - refreshing rosemary, fresh lemon myrtle and uplifting peppermint. Excellent for a burst of energy. If you need help focusing and staying engaged, this is an invigorating blend which promotes alertness and concentration.
  • Be Still, My Heart – calming melissa, quiet chamomile, healing frankincense balancing clary sage. Highly effective for relief from nervous tension, stress related conditions, anger and impatience. This blend encourages rest, calm and feelings of being centred.
  • Clean Air – refreshing, powerful, clean, lemony, penetrating and crisp blend made with essential oils of tea tree, lemon and eucalyptus. It is a firm Fleurette favourite. Use to assist with nasal congestion, hay fever and clearing your head when you need to concentrate (work from home). Because of its clean, uplifting smell – it is ideal for those who do not respond well to floral or herb-based scents.
  • Fleurette Fusion – a selection of our range of scents. This way you get to try a little bit of everything. You will receive something uplifting, calming, invigorating and relaxing.


Can I send one as a gift?
100% yes! Gifting is our love language too. Simply enter the recipient’s address in the shipping section at checkout. If you would like to include a message, please add it to the checkout section and we will include a handwritten note for no extra cost.


What’s the catch? This is too good to be true.
Ha, we’re glad you think so. We love gifting and we thought this would be the perfect way to add a smile to your face.

Our Mystery gift box offer is strictly limited to 20 boxes.

For $50, you will receive a minimum of $110 worth of Fleurette wellness essentials.


What happens if I receive something I don’t like?
May we encourage you to pass it on and not throw it away? Re-gifting is not a dirty word. Forward it on to someone who would love a present / or someone who could use a “pick me up”. You never know – you may just make their day!


How will receive my gift box?
Your mystery gift box will arrive in our new elegant gift box. 
It will be shipped by courier OR Australia Post (depending on your Australian address). 

When will I receive my Fleurette Mystery Gift Box?
The shipping time will depend on the shipping location.
Please allow up to 5 working days for metro locations in NSW, VIC, QLD addresses and up to 14 working days for the rest of Australia including regional NSW, VIC and QLD.


  • Our Mystery Gift Boxes are strictly limited to 20. 
  • You are welcome to order more than 1.
  • Mystery gift boxes can be shipped to multiple destinations. 
  • Shipping is an additional flat rate Australia wide.