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If you love our pure face mists - you'll love this bundle. 

Face Mists are a great way to refresh your face, neck and hair when needed.

The Peace & Quiet face mist is ideal for hot, sticky summer days when you need to cool down to get to sleep or find some quiet. 

The Revive & Restore face mist is refreshing, cooling and uplifting with lemon myrtle and peppermint. 

Our Calm Balance face mist is soft and soothing for when you are flustered and need to find balance. 


To use, close your eyes and mist onto face, neck, or hair as needed or use it as a gentle spritz.

Choose any 3 of our face mist for the bundle price of $35

Our face mists are available in the following expressions:

  • Peace & Quiet (purple) / relaxing lavender, quiet chamomile, soothing ylang ylang
  • Calm Balance (red) / soothing rose, quiet chamomile, balancing geranium
  • Revive & Restore (green) / refreshing rosemary, fresh lemon myrtle and uplifting peppermint

HOW TO ORDER: Copy and paste or type the 3 face mists you would like included in your bundle into the text box above then select add to cart.

SAFETY FIRST: If you have any allergies please read the product label carefully. Please discontinue if irritation occurs.

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