The Hidden Power of Sleep

A leading neuroscientist and sleep scientist believes sleep deprivation is increasing our risk of cancer, heart attack and Alzheimer’s. [1]

Despite the large amounts of knowledge at our finger tips – we have to admit that it is becoming harder and harder to switch off and slow down.

More and more people are sleeping less than 6 hours a night and as the lines between work and leisure increasingly blur – we are short changing ourselves by not prioritising sleep.

Chronic sleep loss has been linked to weight gain, high blood pressure, irritability, inability to concentrate, moodiness and a decrease in the effectiveness of your immune system.

We work harder to have more – but what is the point of having it all and not having the good health to enjoy the fruits of our hard work?

Something has to change.

Our health and wellbeing depends on it.

Here are a few tips on how to get better sleep.

1.Calm your mind with prayer / meditation. 

One of the main reasons our brains can’t switch off is because we are addicted to worry. 

Worry is a natural mechanism to protect us from danger. However, chronic worry which is not turned to positive action does more harm than good. 

If there is something on your mind that you are worrying about – may I encourage you to press pause and give your brain a break by praying or meditating. Prayer and meditation have been scientifically proven to show beneficial changes in the brain. 

Not sure how to pray or meditate? I recommend starting by reading a passage from High Hopes each night before you sleep. High Hopes contains simple suggestions, supported by quotes of timeless wisdom, giving you a chance to break out of your busy life and reflect on positive thoughts.

2.Ditch the coffee / wine and embrace good herbs. 

For all the coffee lovers and wine drinkers out there this may be a non-negotiable tip but the research doesn’t lie. Coffee and alcohol don’t help us with deep, restful sleep. If you cannot completely ditch coffee / alcohol – then start by giving yourself a deadline. For example no coffee after midday or no wine / alcohol after 7pm. 

Replace your night cap with your favourite herbal tea. The Fleurette range of herbal teas are 100% organic and made with Australian grown herbs. Have your herbal tea cuppa an hour before your intended bedtime

3.Create a sleep haven.

You don’t have to spend lots of time and money to create a sleep haven in your home. Sprinkle a few drops of our Peace & Quiet essential oil blend on your (cotton) sheets and either side of your pillow for a good night’s sleep. 

Spray our Peace and Quiet room mist in your bedroom to signal to your brain that is time to start winding down. Make Peace & Quiet pulse point part of your bedtime routine. Roll on your pulse points or onto your palms, cup them over your nose and inhale deeply two or three times.

The hidden power of sleep is its ability to help to reduce stress, improve your memory, lower your blood pressure and put you in a better mood. Sleep is vital for good health and self-care.

Start your new sleeping habits with our new Sleep Essentials Collection. Remember is takes approximately 21 days to form new habits so go easy on yourself.

Wishing you lots and lots of deep sleep.

Embrace a better you!