Breathing Space...

Take a deep breath, let go and allow your mind wander – even if it is for a moment.

Our ‘Breathing Space’ gift box contains all the essentials you need to take the time to have a quiet moment of inspiration, reflection and gratitude.

Our gift range has been thoughtfully curated to make every occasion to give – a special one. We have created an elegant solution you will be proud to give and your recipient will remember always.

All our Breathing Space gift box is available in one of the following:

Peace & Quiet – with lavender and chamomile to support peaceful sleep.

Revive & Restore – with lemon myrtle and peppermint to help stimulate and uplift tired minds.

Calm Balance – with rose and gentle chamomile to ease nervous tension.

Be Still, My Heart – with frankincense, bergamot and clary sage for relief from stress related conditions. 

Is there anyone in your life who could use some 'Breathing Space'?

Be part of the solution and send them a gift box today. 

A thoughtful gift from a friend can heal beyond words.

Stay well beautiful,