GIVIT Christmas Appeal



Are you keen to show support for the families and communities affected by the bushfires and at the same time support small businesses?

Here’s your chance!

GIVIT is a national, online charity connecting those who have with those need by the simple act of giving.

Fleurette Aromatherapy has partnered with Handmade Canberra AND GIVIT to help people, families and communities affected by the bushfires – by giving you a platform to purchase a Christmas present for them!

AND you also get to support small businesses – it’s a win win! How is that for a good feeling?

There is no minimum to spend! Please give what you can.

The appeal runs from 15 October to 7 December 2020

Here’s how it works:

  • Shop on our website for ANYTHING you would like to gift to a person / family in need. No gift is too big or small. 
  • At checkout, use the code GIVIT.
  • Please use your address for the billing and shipping sections of the checkout. The gift will NOT be shipped to you. 
  • By using the code GIVIT, we will know that this purchase has been bought for a person or family in need.
  • The GIVIT team will collect the gift from our studio and ship your donated gift to one of its charity partners in a bushfire affected region – which means no shipping costs for you!

PLEASE NOTE! Personal shopping can be done but must be done in a separate transaction. You cannot use the GIVIT code for personal shopping.



How will I know if and when my gift has been sent to a person or family in need?

Great question! We will send you a confirmation when your gift has been collected by the GIVIT team. If you would like to see a picture of the gift packed for the GIVIT team, please add this to the comments at checkout – happy to help.

For transparency - we will also be publishing a list of the gifts purchased for the GIVIT appeal with your order number in the blog section on this website. For example: Order #123 – Peace & Quiet gift box. Your personal contact details will NOT be published or shared with any third parties.

For more information, please contact our team via the contact form below: