​Parenting in a Pandemic – Be the calm!

We cannot hide the fact that this is a challenging time for us all. How we respond to stress has never been more important - not only for our health but also our children.

We model behaviour for them.

We model how to respond in a crisis.

We model how to treat others and ourselves.

We can choose to model selfishness or decide to model kindness and decency.

We make better decisions when we are calm.

Here are a few practical things you can do to create a calm atmosphere in your home for both you and your children.

Give your brain something different to focus on. Switch off the news, put the phone away and take part in an activity that doesn't involve a news update! Your brain can only efficiently process so much.

Dont feel guilty about taking time out to self-care. Run yourself a bath, add a bath soak and relax your body. Let your children have the chance to engage in a relaxing activity.

Your senses are powerful.

Essential oils are effective at calming and relaxing.

If you can - wake up before the rest of your family when the house is quiet and place your favourite Fleurette Aromatherapy relaxation essential oil blend in your diffuser and set a new tone for the day.

If you feel overwhelmed, have your pulse points handy to roll onto your temples, wrists and behind your ears as a reminder gather your thoughts and have a breather.

Staying stressed and anxious is not going to stop the spread of the virus.

Staying calm will help you use this time of isolation to create wonderful moments your children will remember.