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Transform your bedroom into a quiet retreat with our new Sleep Essentials Collection - made with a soft and quiet blend of Australian lavender, wild chamomile essential oils.

This is also a thoughtful gift for someone in your life who is exhausted, anxious and could do with a good nights sleep.

Our Sleep Essentials Collections includes the following:

Organic Herbal Peace & Quiet Tea - Put the stress of the day aside, calm your mind and enjoy a relaxing, soothing cup of our Peace & Quiet herbal tea. It is a relaxing blend of 100% organic herbs of lavender, chamomile and passionflower with sweet notes of vanilla rooibos to create a soft, smooth, earthy bouquet to help ease nervous tension and support peaceful sleep. It is the perfect addition to your bedtime routine.

Glass Infuser Tea Pot - Use to make your herbal tea with no mess. No fuss.

Ceramic Mug - Stylish, Australian made ceramic mug to enjoy your herbal tea in.

Peace & Quiet Essential Oil blend - Made with pure essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile well known for their calming, balancing and soothing properties. Perfect for easing nervous tension. Diffuse in your room, in a safe place for at least an hour before retiring to bed. 

Ceramic Oil Burner - Australian made ceramic oil burner to diffuse your Peace & Quiet essential oil blend. 

Peace & Quiet Bath Soak - Create a warm, floral and calming bathing experience with our popular bath soak. Free from decorative petals and made with pure essential oils with epsom salts.

Peace & Quiet Hand and Body Wash - A peaceful and calming hand and body wash enriched with organic aloe vera and pure soothing lavender essential oil to leave your hands and body fresh, clean and cared for.

Peace & Quiet Body and Massage Oil - Treat yourself to a gentle massage before bed. Best used up to an hour before you retire to bed for best results. Made with pure essential oils with Sweet Almond oil. (If you are allergic to nuts, please contact us for nut free base oil options). 

Silk Eye Pillow - Our silk eye pillow will help to block out light so you can sleep undisturbed. They are made with a comfortable elastic band to stay in place. It is gentle on hair and skin.

Included in the collection is a Sleep Essentials Guide to help you use each product effectively and help you create an effective sleep routine that works for you. 

All Fleurette gifts are neatly presented in a gorgeous recyclable gift box. 

If you are buying this as as gift and you would like to add a note, please add your note to the comments section in the checkout section. 

A good night's sleep starts with our new Sleep Essentials Collection.


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