Inspired to Journal

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Be inspired to journal with our user-friendly journal.

For those who are new to journalling or find it challenging to write about their thoughts - this Fleurette journal includes 7 easy journal prompts to inspire to get your thoughts and emotions onto paper.

So why journal? 

Writing a journal is a proven way to help calm and clear your mind. It is a great way to release pent-up feelings and everyday stress.

Allow yourself to explore your experiences – and write about your struggles and successes.

One of the best things about keeping a journal is the ability to read through your entries a few weeks or months after and see how far you’ve come along mentally, physically and emotionally. Or if things are the same – reading past entries can be the push you need to start working towards change.

Don’t give up – anything is possible!



The journal is an A5, compact, fabric cover with 160 ruled pages. It comes with a page marker ribbon and a complimentary set of journal prompts and positive affirmations to help you journal.