Travel Essentials - My 3 step plan for overcoming travel related anxiety

I love the thrill of visiting new places.

Before the days of Google Maps and navigation apps I was an avid collector of travel guides, maps and books so I could learn as much as possible about the location and know where to shop, eat, stay and explore. #travelnerd

Don’t let motion sickness get in the way of your adventures. If you are determined to embrace your inner traveller, then make a plan to succeed. Get your mind and body prepared for a positive travel experience with our three tips below.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Here are my practical steps to overcoming travel related anxiety.

Here are my three tips to help you manage travel related anxiety.

1.Change your mind

Pay attention to your thoughts. The moment you start feeling apprehensive about your experience – pause and focus on the positives you’ll gain from your travel. Don’t let fear hold you back.

I encourage you to reframe your thinking about your trip. Even if you have had a negative experience in the recent past – choose this opportunity to have a positive experience.

Learn a few deep breathing techniques which are proven to be effective in slowing down your heart beat and breathing. If you start learning these now, you’ll know what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious about your travel. You’ll have a plan. 

2.Watch your words

If you keep telling yourself you’re going to be sick or you are not going to enjoy your flight or drive, then you’re preparing yourself for exactly that.

In addition to changing your mind about how you feel about travelling, I recommend you also pay attention to the words you use when talking to yourself and others about your upcoming travel experience.

I am always amazed at people who have nothing positive to say about an experience – and speak negatively about it to their friends and family while they are deeply hoping for a positive outcome.

Your words have power.

If you are still getting your head around reframing your mind about your travel – then don’t talk about it. Stay away from negative people who will feed your fears and anxieties. Focus on what you want to experience and add it to your plan.

3.Nature’s remedies

Ginger has been used for centuries to combat nausea and travel sickness. If you can stomach it, I recommend chewing on slices of fresh ginger (the Japanese style picked ginger will also work) at least half an hour before you travel to help settle your stomach. Another tip is to steep fresh ginger in hot water and have it as a tea. You can sweeten it with natural honey as well.

Our pulse points are also a hit with customers with travel related anxiety. They are compact, ready to use and perfect for an aromatherapy treatment on the go. I highly recommend our ‘Peace & Quiet’ pulse point made with chamomile and lavender essential oils. It’s calming, relaxing and a perfect accompaniment to your deep breathing exercises.

Settle your pre-flight nerves with our ‘Calm Balance’ pulse point made with geranium, rose and chamomile essential oils – all renowned for their ability to help slow down your breathing and relieve nervous tension.

Stress Buster pulse point contains clary sage essential oil which is referred to (in aromatherapy literature) as having balancing, warming and sedative qualities. I’ve blended clary sage with uplifting mandarin to create a pulse point to help promote feelings of calm when you’re having feelings of stress.

Replace feelings of dread and angst with our ‘Revive & Restore’ blend with uplifting peppermint and refreshing rosemary. It’s a fresh, crisp blend to help keep you alert. Roll onto a tissue and use with your deep breathing techniques.

If your fear of travelling (whether by car or plane) is debilitating, I highly recommend talking to a counsellor to get to the bottom of your fears. Clarity is the first constructive step to health and wholeness.

Start planning your next trip and remember to plan how you will overcome your travel anxiety. Travel is a beautiful experience and the best teacher. Don’t let fear rob you of a magical experience.

What other practical tips can you add to a plan?

Stay well,