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Finding Beauty

Each page of Patrick Lindsay’s Finding Beauty reminds us that we have the power to take control of our lives, to gather mindful moments, to listen to our heart’s whispers and to bestow kindness freely. When humanity loses its way,...
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Inspired to Journal

Be inspired to journal with our user-friendly journal. For those who are new to journalling or find it challenging to write about their thoughts - this Fleurette journal includes 7 easy journal prompts to inspire to get your thoughts and emotions onto...
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Comfort Prayers

At different times in life, everyone encounters sorrow, adversity, or a sense of being overwhelmed. Consider Comfort Prayers that motivating friend, wise inner voice, or soothing balm you turn to when times get tough. The words within are the sage...
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High Hopes

Small changes can transform our lives. High Hopes offers insights that will allow you to slow the daily rush and enjoy your life, moment by moment. Most of us race through life, unable to enjoy the present because we're weighed down by the past or...
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