When was the last time you accepted help?

Feeling loved, appreciated and being heard help with stress management.


How can we receive love when we don't know how to accept it?

We brush off compliments.

We don't accept help.

We turn down invitations.

We don't return calls.

I dare you to wholeheartedly accept the next compliment you're given. Simply say thank you and move on.

I dare to accept someone's help. Just say yes please and let someone help you. Vulnerability is a strength. Just ask #brenebrown

Accept the next invitation that comes your way.

Call that person. Return the text.

We can't complain we are stressed when we don't accept opportunities to share the load, share a laugh, spend time with friends.

Accept the LOVE that comes disguised as as a question / action / concern.

When was the last time you accepted help?