PMS doesn't have to be crazy time.

PMS got you running circles and snapping at anything that moves? 

Mood swings, weight gain, unpredictable behaviour, weepiness and headaches are some of the symptoms of PMS.

Add stress, poor diet, overwork and lack of regular sleep to the mix and it's a cocktail for disaster - wouldn't you agree?

I am all for celebrating our periods and womanhood but when PMS tears her ugly head around it's like watching an evil twin take over your life for a few days.

You can stay calm and sane when PMS shows up. Medical research shows that in addition to taking evening primrose tablets adding herbs such as peppermint, fennel and raspberry leaf to your diet via a #herbaltea can help alleviate #pms symptoms.

Our Calm Balance organic herbal tea is a comforting blend to help ease nervous tension and support recovery from symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Keep your calm, sanity and friends with our calm balance blend....drink at least twice a day during PMS time and you'll be pleasantly and calmly surprised by how a little change can make a big difference.

Stay well,