Let's talk - Are you okay?

We CAN do hard things.

R U Ok?

Opening up to people is not an easy thing for everyone.

For some people opening up to someone is the equivalent of climbing Everest. Daunting. Challenging. Out of reach.

For some people suffering in silence is better because they confided in the wrong people and were betrayed.

For others reaching out for support was never modelled and issues were swept under the rug - and you're repeating the same cycle.

Connection and intimacy are vital to good health. Sharing our inner thoughts and feelings can be uncomfortable. Not everyone wants to be vulnerable.

R U Ok day is a day to remind us to seek deeper conversations with those in our community and sphere of influence.

If opening up to people is hard for you - remember that all of us are going through unseen battles and are just as vulnerable as you are.

Challenge yourself to go beyond answering yes and fine when asked how you are doing. You don't have to share your deepest, darkest secret with everyone you meet - but you can share something relatable (weather, current affairs, work etc) with someone and see where the conversation leads.

Remember to also ask the question to others - you could be the only source of compassion some people experience today.

You CAN do hard things.

RU okay?