Keep Aromatherapy Pure & Simple

I've never understood why some essential oil brands mix pure essential oils with inferior quality oils or fragrances.

It simply doesn't make sense.

From a therapeutic point of view, a blend of fragrances wouldn't have the same effect.

Essential oils are known to affect your nervous system, respiratory system, muscles, joints, infections, our emotions and so much more.

When I was taught Aromatherapy, it was always to help the client. Soothe the client. Relax the client. I was never taught to cheat them with inferior blends.

Aromatherapists treat essential oils with too much respect to do that..which is why it's recommended to make sure the person you are buying essential oils from someone who is qualified and knows what they are doing.

I understand it's hard to know who to trust...there's so much fear mongering and mixed messages in our industry. One brand says its ok to ingest them (#not)....and another brand says they have the only pure essential oils on the planet (#false).


All I can say is I, hand on heart, only use pure essential oils to make my essential oil blends... I have too much respect for you and for my Aromatherapy craft to use anything else.

And if all else fails... follow your instincts...and do the right thing for you.
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