Feeling S.A.D? Can Aromatherapy help?

Is anyone else counting down to Spring? I know I am.

As the short days, cold weather and overcast skies continue, it is common to experience Seasonal Adjustment Disorder – SAD.

Symptoms of SAD include low energy, feeling sluggish, difficulty concentrating, feeling hopeless, appetite changes or irritability.

SAD is thought to be caused by reduced levels of sunlight, a drop in serotonin or low melatonin levels.

So how can Aromatherapy help?

In addition to seeing your GP, keeping up with vitamin D supplements and exercising regularly add some of the following Fleurette blends to your routine to help you with SAD:

Low energy?

Sunshine Burst– this essential oil blend is liquid sunshine in a bottle! I made this with uplifting lemon myrtle and sweet orange to help you put a burst of sunshine and refreshing energy into your home. Add 2 – 3 drops onto a tissue and inhale throughout the day.

Feeling low, hopeless and worthless?

Be Still My Heart - is a comforting, soothing and grounding blend created to allay feelings of anger, anxiety and frustration and promote calm, quiet and rest. If you are feeling weepy, out of control and generally down – show yourself some compassion and use it in your diffuser to create a soothing, forgiving space.


Surrounded By Love – made with beautiful, warm and uplifting blend of Neroli, Chamomile, Rose and Vetiver essential oils to assist with recovery from anxiety and tension related conditions and promote feelings of calm and control. Journaling is a great way of safely releasing how you are feeling. Place a few drops of the blend in your diffuser – take deep breaths and let it all out on paper. Your raw thoughts don’t have to be written neatly…they don’t even have to make sense. Writing down your thoughts can help you understand them more clearly. 

Remember to try and get as much exposure to sunlight as you can. Exercise (gentle walks, swimming, cycling) and if appropriate take Vitamin D supplements.