Feeling Overwhelmed?

This is a friendly reminder to remember to use your pulse point when you're feeling like life is spiralling out of control.

In addition to the therapeutic benefits of the essential oil blends in our range of pulse points / rollers - pulse points are a great way to remember to:





...better known as the STOP technique.

I know when my mind is racing I physically and loudly say STOP! then proceed with the other steps of the stop technique.

There is something inherently powerful about pausing to think what you are thinking about.

In some cases overwhelm is caused by not having clarity on what our priorities are. Give yourself a realistic amount of goals to get through in a day and focus on that alone.

Easier said than done I hear you say...well as with anything we tackle...you've got to start somewhere...now please go find your Fleurette Aromatherapy Pulse Point and use it 

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