Do you like yourself?

In addition to 'R U OK day?', we should also have 'Do you like yourself day?'.

Liking yourself is not about vanity or self inflation...just as hating yourself is not a form of humility.

A healthy self esteem is as valuable as all the self care in the world. 

Being comfortable in your own skin, hair, nails, thighs, arm fat, teeth and so on is a vital part of being OK.

Being confident in who you are and the gifts you have as a person is vital. It builds resilience, self acceptance and healthy self love.

If you don't like you....that's fine. At least define what you don't like about you ( in your journal)...and if you can - chat with a confidant and ask them if they agree with you. (They probably won't agree with you cause we are hard on ourselves).