A Welcome Retreat Gift Collection

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A Welcome Retreat Gift Collection

Pause and enjoy a welcome interruption to life.

Recharge your batteries, revive your mind and calm your heart.

Bask in a welcome retreat.

Our new ‘A Welcome Retreat’ gift collection is made with the full intention to get you to press pause and retreat from stress and chaos to enjoy moments of quiet and reflection.

Your ‘A Welcome Retreat’ gift collection contains:


Handmade Cotton Tote Bag
Made with sustainably sourced cotton. They are the perfect size for all your Fleurette essentials for moments of quiet and reflection. Each bag is fully lined, includes a pocket, a key hanger and is handmade with 100% cotton. Our Retreat Bags are made with a lot of love and time. They are strictly limited.

Fleurette Journal
Made with a soft fabric cover – our Fleurette journal has lined pages, a page marker ribbon and 160 lined pages. Journaling or expressive writing has been proven to boost your mood, enhance your sense of wellbeing. It also includes journal prompts to help you journal effectively.

Organic Aromatherapy Eye Pillow
Our new unscented eye pillows are made with organic flax seed (also known as linseed) to help apply gentle yet effective pressure to your eyes and forehead. Did you know that the simple act of putting an eye pillow on your forehead and eyes can help to lower tension, relieve eye strain and help calm your thoughts?

Fleurette Room Mist (Mini - 50ml)
Made with pure essential oils to refresh your home, transform your mood & help you sleep. Our Room Mist collection is a great alternative to candles. Our Room mists are available in the following expressions: Peace & Quiet, My Rose My Love, Revive & Restore and Be Still My Heart.

Fleurette Aromatherapy Pulse Point
Made with pure essential oils. Small and convenient to take on the go and powerful enough to help you soothe nervous tension or feel alive and alert! Our Pulse Points are available in the following expressions: Peace & Quiet, My Rose My Love, Revive & Restore and Be Still My Heart.

Fleurette Face Mist
Our face mists are a great way to refresh your face, neck and hair when needed. Use to cool down on hot days and nights. Available in Peace & Quiet, Cam Balance and Revive & Restore. 

Fleurette Hand Sanitiser
Leave your hands fresh and protected with our cleansing, fast drying antibacterial hand sanitiser.

Mint & Nibs Organic Raw Chocolate
A refreshing blend of organic Australian Peppermint oil and smooth dark Cacao with a satisfying crunch of organic, raw cacao nibs. 


Please insert your choice of tote bag fabric, eye pillow cover and scent collection in the text field above.
For example, roses tote bag, pink eye pillow and calm balance scent.