Revive & Restore Winter Essentials Collection

Winter Essentials Collection

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Revive & Restore Winter Essentials Collection

Introducing our limited edition ‘Winter Essentials Collection’ for natural relief from colds and flu this winter season.

Our Winter Essentials Collection contains the following:

Herbal Tea
Sip on a warm, uplifting cup of our Revive & Restore organic herbal tea to clear your mind, find new energy and boost your immune system. Our herbal tea collection comes complete with a stainless steel strainer so you can enjoy your tea anywhere.

Revive & Restore herbal tea is a refreshing blend of 100% organic herbs of peppermint, lemongrass and lemon myrtle with rich ginger to create a clear, bright, reviving blend to help stimulate and uplift tired minds and help reduce fever from colds and flu.

Room Mist
Freshen up stuffy rooms and lift your mood with our Revive and Restore room mist. It is a fresh, uplifting and antibacterial blend of fresh grapefruit, rosemary and Australian lemon myrtle essential oils all renowned for effectively fighting colds and flu.

100% pure Essential Oil blend
To ease congestion add 3 – 4 drops of our Revive & Restore essential oil blend to 25ml of your favourite base oil or unscented cream and rub onto your chest, back and throat. To keep your living areas smelling fresh and help combat infection add a few drops of our Revive & Restore essential oil blend to your diffuser or ceramic oil burner.

Pulse Point
Put some pep into your step with our Revive & Restore pulse point made with a stimulating, refreshing and reviving blend of pure essential oils of peppermint, rosemary and lemon. If you need to get through a late afternoon energy lull, study for an exam or fight fatigue this pulse point will help to feel alive and alert.

This collection represents a saving of $15

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