Isnt she lovely gift box

'Isn't She Lovely' Gift Box

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Our gift range has been thoughtfully curated to make every occasion to give – a special one. We have created an elegant solution you will be proud to give and your recipient will remember always.

All our gift collections are available in one of the following:

Peace & Quiet – to support peaceful sleep.

Revive & Restore – to help stimulate and uplift tired minds.

Calm Balance – to ease nervous tension.

Be Still, My Heart - for relief from stress related conditions.  


The ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ Gift box contains the following:

Inspirational Book – High Hopes
High Hopes contains simple suggestions, supported by quotes of timeless wisdom, giving you a chance to break out of your busy life and lift your spirits.

Mini Bath Soak (150g)
Press pause. Run a warm bath and give yourself a break with our range of bath soaks made with pure Epsom salts known to promote the elimination of acidic waste from muscles and joints and encourage relaxation.

Room Mist (100ml)
Delicately fragranced, effective, alcohol free room mist made with pure essential oils.  

Pulse Point
Our aromatherapy pulse points come with a roll-on applicator - ready to roll and safe to apply directly to your pulse points.

Goat Milk Soap
This little bar of goodness is one of a special, small batch made with pure goat’s milk and our unique blend of essential oils.

Hand Balm
Made with pure essential oils for deep hydration and long lasting relief from dry skin. 

Silk Eye Mask
Use our sleep eye mask to rest tired eyes or to catch up on sleep during the day. Made with silk front and lightly padded with a soft inner lining.

Jute Body Glove
Use our sleep eye mask to rest tired eyes or to catch up on sleep during the day. Made with silk front, lightly padded with a soft inner lining.

600gsm Cotton Hand Towel
Soft, comfortable and highly absorbent.

Beautifully presented in a sustainable matte gift box with elegant ribbon and gift stationery.


Weight 1.50 KGS
Gift Wrapping Available