Calm Balance Pamper Collection

Calm Balance Aromatherapy Pamper Collection

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 Be inspired to relax, unwind and recover with our Calm Balance pamper collection made to soothe nervous tension and support recovery from stress related conditions. 

Each pamper collection contains a room mist, mini bath soak, hand balm and pulse point - all made in the beautiful Hunter Valley, NSW using 
balancing rose and calming chamomile essential oils.

Use our pamper collection to create treasured moments of calm and balance.

Our range is blended with care and attention by a qualified aromatherapist.

Your Spa pamper collection contains these Fleurette favourites:

Hand & Body Balm
Made with pure essential oils for deep hydration and long lasting relief from dry skin.
A little goes a long way. 

Luxe Aromatic Bath Soak
Made with pure Epsom salts and essential oils to create an aromatic bathing experience. Free from artificial colours and petals.

Pulse Point
Roll on the inside of your wrists, temples, behind ears and inhale deeply to experience aromatherapy on the go.

Room Mist
Made with pure essential oils to refresh your home and help transform your mood. A great alternative to candles. 


Our spa pamper collection is available in:
Peace & Quiet (Lavender & Chamomile)
Revive & Restore (Lemon Myrtle & Grapefruit)
Calm Balance (Rose & Chamomile)
Be Still, My Heart (Mandarin & Clary Sage)

Our pamper packs make beautiful gifts for events, thank you, weddings and more.

Weight 0.20 KGS
Gift Wrapping Available