Deeper than Oil - Aromatherapy Workshop

As an independent and qualified aromatherapist – I believe it’s time to bring clarity and practicality to the beautiful practice of aromatherapy.

My upcoming aromatherapy workshop in Newcastle is suited to people who would like an independent, practical, down to earth introduction to aromatherapy and emotional self-care.

In our 2 hours together, we will review 20 different essential oils and 5 carrier oils, you will learn how to smell essential oils (it is a skill) and be empowered to use aromatherapy techniques to help you sleep better, feel better and find your calm. 

You also will get to blend your own massage oil– will all materials provided.

The workshop is strictly capped to 18 attendees.

I hope you will be able to join us on 17 August in Newcastle.

Tickets are available via this link

Stay well,