Quiet Moment Collection

A Quiet Moment Collection

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Fight against the urge to rush.

Enjoy a precious quiet moment for yourself, your thoughts and your body.

Our new Quiet Moment gift collection comes with an organic eye pillow, your choice of room mist and pulse point all presented in an adorable, reusable gift box.

Did you know that the simple act of putting a weighted eye pillow on your forehead and eyes can help to lower tension, relieve eye strain and help calm your thoughts?

Use the pulse point to roll onto your forehead, behind your ears, on your wrist and let the oils do their work while you relax and unwind.

It is a lovely, thoughtful gift for a friend, co-worker, family member going through a stressful time.

Our Quiet Moment gift collection is available in the following expressions:

  • Peace & Quiet
  • Calm Balance
  • Revive & Restore
  • Be Still My Heart

Australia wide shipping available.

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